ICT Facilities
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ICT Facilities

The institute has four modern well equipped Computer Labs. Currently the labs have a over eighty computers and have the capacity to house over fifty more computing equipment. There are over thirty more computers for administrative purposes.

All the computers in the institute are connected by a  local Area network with unlimited Internet access. The campuses in the Institute's Nairobi branches are linked by a wireless network which enables voice and data exchange. The college has  a computerized  management systems which has streamlined the registration, communication, examinations, library, payroll, course management and other administrative processes. VIP premises are also a hotspots with free unlimited Internet access.

The hardware and software in use by the institute are up-to-date and evaluated frequently for quality assurance. The department further provides students with quality ICT training materials. Trainers are also qualified and experienced and are exposed to regular training to enhance quality and cater for the dynamism of the industry.

The ICT labs are accessible to

  • All ICT students i.e IMIS,CICT/ICTT, University Programmes,CISA, Application Packages.
  • ATC/CPA/CPS Students studying Packages courses
  • ATC II students during holistic training

Administrative Functions of ICT Department

  • The department maintains and supports the Colleges network infrastructure and systems.
  • Maintenance of  the college web site
  • Purchase and Maintenance of ICT equipment and maintenance of the ICT Labs

Academic Functions of ICT

  • Examining and certifying of in-house courses and programmes
  • Registration of students for the external examinations
  • Communication between external ICT exam bodies and the student
  • Developing of ICT training materials I.e training manuals for practical courses